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Effects of “ADHD” Pills

Reflecting back on when I was on ADHD Medication when I was a child.

I wanted to write about this for awhile and this is mainly an opinion article as I am just making observations from past experiences. I don’t think I was ever diagnosed with “ADHD” but I remember when I was put on ADHD medication when I was a kid.

I had trouble focusing in school and was falling asleep in my classes. When I was put on “concerta”, I remember how much that pill had helped me focus more in school and stay alert. I came to realize about pharmacy companies later on in my life and how much money they make in the drug industry.

I was always a healthy child and always had a healthy diet. Realizing it now, vs I realize how my body had adapted to taking the medication, and how my body had depended on it.

I always felt like “ADHD” is just a label and that it doesn’t exist. I believe that each child is born with a gift and each child learns differently. When it comes to “diagnosing”, people always think that medication will solve the problem rather than finding the root cause to help the issue.

I was always a visual & hands on learner. I felt that if I had more visual techniques and hands on teachings, I would not have needed that pill to survive through my childhood. Let a lone public schools have you sitting down at a desk most of the time and students only had about 30 minutes to eat lunch.

I would think that when students are at a desk for few hours waiting before switching classes , and waiting for the bell to dismiss, wouldn’t you find it hard to concentrate as well? The only time students can get up is if they “raise they’re hand” to use the restroom with a needed “hall pass”.

I am about to get to why I felt this way soon in the article. When you train your body to get use to something, you are training your body to depend on it. I remember taking ROTC classes in my High School years. I was also on the ROTC Drill Team.

Those years of High School, I had my interest in joining the military. I had originally planned on going to a 4 year Military College at the time and I had enrolled to do the 4 year Commission Program. Meaning after 4 years upon completion, I would have been promoted as an Officer after the 4 years.

Before I graduated in 2009, I had my interest in joining the Army. One of the requirements for the Army was that I had to NOT be on any medication. I had to get a doctors note to write it off.

So to decide if the Military College was right for me, I had gotten some Army Bootcamp experience when I signed up for the Army’s LTC ( Leadership Training Corps ). The training site was 1 month, located in Fort Knox, KY.

The Army had payed for my flight & I was off to go for 1 month! I am just thinking about this now. 11 years later, I am making connections. I did not pass the course when we had to run 2 miles (non-stop), and treading water.

Those two courses held me back. Everything about the training was very challenging. I remember when someone had stolen a poncho or lost a poncho, my platoon was punished and we had to run and stand in place with our rifle over our head. Lol.

I remember how hard it was waking up with Drill instructors yelling it’s time to get up, get in uniform, get in PT gear, get in formation, etc. I remember this training opportunity and I will never forget it. It was extremely hard staying awake as well!

Now that I remember, I don’t remember what training phase it was but we were at the phase where we were training to shoot our targets! Before we went to practice shooting at our targets, our Drill Instructors were talking to us and I remember we were sitting there and had to listen, how hard it was to stay awake and I felt my eyes kept wanting to shut.

My body got so use to taking concerta, it was twice as hard to focus in training. It makes a lot of sense of how much when you train your body to depend on a drug, It effects you later on. I am no longer on any medication since then, but I have realized many things about myself.

I can’t be sitting for long periods of time as I feel like I can not think, and my brain will shut down & I’ll start to feel tired. I always feel like my body needs to be in motion before I can relax. I am a visual and hands on learner.

For reasons I chose to work in Health Care as I am always working with my clients. For me to stay awake, and alert, I need to be doing something. It takes a few times whatever I am learning, but I do adapt well and learn quickly. I also work a lot better a lone!

We all discover what we are great at at some point in time. I am still learning about myself but I don’t think medication is the answer when you can find the root cause to treat yourself.

I could be wrong, however I am just making connections speaking through my own experiences. I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic! Please keep it respectful as we all have our own insights! Thank you for reading & comment below!

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  • Abbey Horner

    I’m the same – if I sit down I fall asleep. Never was on any ADD meds, but I could see how almost anyone could be diagnosed. Good for you for getting off the medications!

    • faithforty

      I remember being on medication to help focus in school but after being on medication for so long, it had long term effects on the body like my body was already use to taking medication. It made it extremely more difficult to concentrate when I was off the medication. I never thought about it until now! It’s like teaching your body to get use to something and you feel like your body needs it to survive. I had to write about it as a realization. When we are older, we tend to know what works and what our body is capable of. As children in growing stages we are unaware

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