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How To Add Disclosure To your Blog Posts

A step-by-step guide on how to add your disclosure to your WordPress

Hello readers!

Starting out as a new blogger, I have been learning as I go and I want to share information for those who are interested in blogging or learning how to set they’re blog to become profitable! Before you start to place ads onto your site, it is important that you add a disclosure to your blog site. You want to write “This site may contain affiliate links that if you choose to buy from my link, I will earn a commission at zero cost to you”

I am going to show you how to set that up to your blog step by step!

Step 1: Go into your Dashboard and on the left hand side, click on plugins and over to “add new” type into the search bar on the top right and search for “Ad Inserter” into the search bar

Step 2: Click on Install. After the program installs, then you want to click on “Activate”

Step 3: Now go to Installed Plugins after you activated the ad inserter and click on “Settings”.. when you click on settings, a box will appear. Click on the box and it will turn black. Now Type in your disclosure into that box and on the bottom right , there is a button that say’s “save settings” click on save settings and your disclosure will save

Before you save you disclosure , you want to choose where you want your disclosure to be placed. I would activate the auto disclosure so your disclosure will come up after every post. I hope readers found this information helpful. Thank you for reading and happy blogging!

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