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How to monetize your YouTube channel

Hello everyone! So do you want to start a YouTube and don’t know how to? Just like blogging, it is a step by step process and here I will explain to you how you can monetize your Vlogs! I am new to Vlogging and I am just getting started also, but if there are more people who are interested in creating a channel and want to benefit from it, you came to the right place! Just like blogging, this is what you want to do.. I did my research on how to do it so I am sharing information!

step 1: pick a niche (topic) what does your channel want to be about?

step 2: think of a name for your channel

step 3: sign up for a free YouTube account

step 4: sign up with google account (free)

step 5: log into your google account and set your profile picture in your google account settings. Your profile photo is controlled in google account settings and will show onto your YouTube account since your YouTube account is connected with google

step 6: sign up with google adsense ( it is free )

step 7: create video content and upload

step 8: after you have created video content here comes the fun part

**Note** after you have done all these steps to monetization, you can sign up for the YouTube Partnership program here. Also if you are using the new YouTube beta, you may want to switch to the Classic layout to find your “Channel” button that is on the left side. That is where you can configure and enable monetization for your videos.

YouTube does have some requirements when starting a Vlog with YouTube. Just like blogging takes time, it takes time with Vlogging as well. Don’t get discouraged though, if it’s something you really want to do. Just have fun and keep working on your Vlogs until you reach your goal!

I am also sharing a screenshot from a youtuber with his permission to share his message. Although the application requirements say you need 100k subscribers, I believe you can start monetizing with 1k Subscribers and 4000 watch hours. I hope you all find this information helpful! Thanks for reading!

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