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My Caregiving Experiences

Caregiver work experiences

Hi readers!

Today I would like to talk about care giving! As you all know, health care jobs are always high in demand. For those that don’t know about care giving, we are the less payed professional job! To be a caregiver, you had to have gone to school for Home Health and CNA. (Certified Nursing Assistance). The difference between Home Health Aids, and CNA’s, is that in order to work with a patient in they’re homes, most Home Care agencies prefer that you have experience and Home Health Certification. Along with CPR, and First Aid. Both essential for HHA’s and CNA’s!

To work in hospitals and nursing homes, you are required to have your CNA License! I am a Certified Home Health and I have been in my profession for 6 years working on 7. There are pros and cons to the profession but I really enjoy my career! I absolutely love working with elderly people and providing the care that they need!

Even though we are not payed very well, I want to share with you on how I started my career choice! I first started out as a server for residents in Independent Living and then moved my way up to another unit! I really loved being able to know my residents and we basically always had the same residents that came in to dine for lunch and dinner.

I knew what each resident wanted and where they sat when they came in through the door. They had always noticed my hard work and most of the residents were very sweet! After I had done some time in serving the residents, I decided to move to another unit and work as a Nurses Aid. Nurses Aids are those that work in Independent Living facilities and to be a Nurses Aid, it required no experience and certification!

That was how I was able to get my foot in the door to a Health Care job! I worked in a unit for residents who were still independent and it was residents who had Alzheimer/Dementia. It is extremely a lot of work and for me it was very stressful! I started day shift and we had to know our residents as well!

Duties as a Nurses Aid was that I had to ensure that those that got breakfast to they’re rooms, I had to bring up they’re breakfast trays. Along with that, some of those residents were not 100% independent. I still had to get the residents up and ready for breakfast. Meaning I helped them get dressed, and down stairs for breakfast!

When they were finished with breakfast, I had to make sure they came back up! That is not the end as we also made sure the residents had a shower. Keep in mind that I worked in an Alzheimer /Dementia unit so I had to basically keep up with everyone on my floor. It was hard and stressful but as I learned with time, it became a little bit easier but not too much.

The whole routine started over for lunch and dinner. We had about 30 minute lunch breaks or sometimes no break at all depending on how the day went. I learned with time though how much I liked working with elderly people and being able to help them. Couple months of working as a Nurses Aid, I took the leap to get Certified for Home Health.

It took me about 2 months to get Certified and I can say at the time, working and going to school, as well as being a Mother was very very hard!! Soon as I got certified, I got hired to work for an agency right away and they started me at 9/hr! Few months they only gave me a .50 cent raise so I was making 9.50/hr.

At the time, I was also a single Mother that worked for a family owned Health Care Agency, and also for the Hospital! I worked with all types of cases! Also where I used to work, the pay was lower as I didn’t live in the city at the time! When I moved to the city, I made a little bit more. Still not much, but more than what I was making before!

The Cons of this career side is we don’t make the money that we really should. I have to honestly say that you really have to love your job for the pay we receive. Everyone always say, well you chose your career choice, go back to school so you can get payed more! In my opinion, that is false! In reality it is not easy being a Mom, and juggle work and school, as I had to do that before I got certified. Even people with degrees have a hard time finding jobs! I believe that no matter what you do, when you really love what you do, you become successful!

Sometimes we have to work with what we have because we all have bills to pay as well and mouths to feed! I have been a caregiver for quite some time now and ever since I have gained experiences through stepping stones, I work independently for a Health Care agency. Sometimes families don’t realize the amount of work we do which is why I am speaking on my care giving experiences.

Working for a Health Care Agency, some agencies will pay us time and a half if we are working for Non Medicare clients. With that said, that means we are payed our regular pay rates. We are payed per client, per hour. If our clients are Medicare clients, we do not get payed time and a half. That also goes for mileage reimbursements as we travel with our own transportation unless the clients want us to do errands for them, they will provide transportation.

There are a lot of ups and downs to this career choice but I still love my career as I have been doing it for quite some time now! I still work as a caregiver and this is my blog in hopes that I can become a full time blogger eventually. I absolutely love writing so I blog when I get a chance. My blog is to connect with other readers and share my experiences with everyone so readers can also get to know me through my blog stories.

The perks to working Independently in client homes, we do the same work as CNA’s which is why we are required to know basic CNA skills and be Certified. I look after my clients and all of them have different ADL’s (activity daily living) schedules. We help them shower, meal preps, straighten up they’re homes, medication reminders, errands if needed, etc.. Home Care is also much more less stressful in my opinion as I don’t have to deal with work area drama and gossip. As well as I can focus more on my client needs with more one on one time and I am not rushed as well to work with them.

If you know of a caregiver, please be sure to appreciate your Caregivers! I hope readers enjoyed reading this as I wanted to give some insights on my experiences being a Caregiver and shed some light of what we really do! Let me know your thoughts on my story and leave me comments! Thank you for reading!

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  • Jacobus van der Merwe

    Hi there. I just want to say that I agree with you. This career is demanding and could at times be stressful.

    For the last 12 years I have been working as a Health Care Assistant in a hospital. I worked in the ICU and CTU.

    I love what I’m doing and don’t have any regrets.

    I am a South African and would like to work in the Netherlands or Belgium. Do you think I would be able to get a work permit or sponsor job.

    Kind regards and keep on with the great job you do.


    • faithforty

      Thank you so much for reading my post! I had to write about it as I don’t see many articles about caregiving and many don’t really see what we do beneath the surface of our work. I have also worked with hospital cases and it is very challenging! I’m glad to hear that you enjoy your job as well even though we are payed low wage! Not many can say they love they’re job when we are one of the lowest payed profession! I honestly don’t know much about sponsored jobs but I think in most countries when you work in another country, I would think countries you have to get a visa to be able to work in another country. I know in the US many go through needing paper work documents to work in the US such as a green card, or work visa. I don’t have much knowledge on that but I will look into that and let you know! I will find out about the requirements for the Netherlands as I also have family there and get back with you! Thank you for reading my post!

  • Mackenzie |

    I wish you lived in Tallahassee, we are always looking for compassionate caregivers for my assisted living. You can’t teach empathy and compassion and you are clearly the real deal. Thank you for sharing your experience. Wish there were more people like you.

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