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Everyone has a list of places that they would love to explore and here I have a few places that my Husband and I have visited! If you had not yet been to these places, we highly recommend adding these places to your bucket list! These places also make great family vacation spots!

  1. Blue Ridge, Georgia

Blue Ridge is a great place to visit if you are looking for a peaceful getaway along with there are many fun things to do while enjoying your stay up on the mountains. They have horse back riding, white water rafting, trail hiking, river tubing, water park located in Helen Town Georgia. I fell in love with Helen Town. You can view the history of Helen town at this link,_Georgia

Georgia also has many waterfalls and we have not experienced them all just yet! To see waterfalls in Georgia, most of them you have to hike trails but it is worth the hike! I can’t say for sure how long the trail hikes are as each trails are different.

Cabin rentals
Blue Ridge Mountains
Dukes Creek Falls
Helen Town Georgia

Helen Town Georgia

2. Colorado

Colorado is another wonderful trip and they are known also for they’re dispensaries as it is legal. We did try at one of the dispensaries and one thing I can say is before you go, the stores didn’t allow photos to be taken inside as well as, you have to also finish them in the state. It is illegal to carry it out of the state. lol. Colorado also has beautiful scenery! We visited Frisco, CO and Breckenridge, CO. We were there after my Husband and I had gotten married and visited for our Honeymoon! Breckenridge,CO holds an annual Uller Festival every year where they have small town parades, music, local pub bars, restraunts, and people can sign up to do the ski shots. Ski shots you have to buy the tickets or reserve ahead of time but what it is, is that the people that sign up for it, they stand in a long line and take shots from the ski! Wear plenty of warm clothing as it is very cold!

Aurora, Colorado

3. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of my all time favorite Island! Perfect warm climate for relaxing on the beach. The best is going to the local bakeries and local town food. They also have zip lining which we haven’t done yet, but will next time! Beautiful beaches, and of course one of the top beaches we got to visit is Flamenco Beach! Also Crash Boat Beach! They also offer snorkeling however, instead of paying someone to go snorkeling, we had our own snorkeling equipment which I would recommend having before you go! We snorkeled with our full faced snorkel mask and it was a beautiful experience!

Flamenco Beach
snorkeling picture with a Go-pro
San Juan National Park
San Juan National Park
You see a lot of iguanas roaming around freely in the area!
San Juan National Park

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that I was able to help provide some places to visit! We are working on our goals as we want to be able to travel more and I would love to include them into my blog! So far we have visited these places that I have mentioned so if you have not gone, yet, prepare yourself for a wonderful adventure! Thank you for reading!

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  • stephy

    Loved reading about these places and your travel experience. Would love to visit them one day! Looking forward to reading many of these posts in the future!

    • faithforty

      Stephy, thank you for your comment and for reading! We have been to Blue Ridge, GA so many times and we took our 3 boys there this summer last month! They had such a great time and it is definitly a family friendly trip if you have kids. We have not been during the Fall yet but we want to see Blue Ridge in the fall too! That will be my next blog topic after we visit sometime in the fall!

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