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Turn up time!!!

If you love House and EDM music, take a sneak peek look at my music playlist!

Alright ladies & Gentlemen!!

I have mentioned in the beginning of my introduction that when I started a blog, I just want to be my Authentic self! I want to be able to connect with readers who can relate and I feel that when I can do that, my blog will have more authenticity! I don’t want to be an average boring blogger. I want to be able to create an interesting blog content to where I can just be myself! I am not trying hard to impress anyone but just make authentic connections!

When I say I want to connect with my readers, I want to connect and that readers get to really know me through my blog posts! I am no average blogger and I am one of those who is not afraid to stand out of the crowd. As I have also mentioned before, I am a Mom also but I also love to have fun when I get a chance! Life is so short that we take life too seriously! Sometimes , even being a Mom, and juggling work, that we have to let loose a little bit!

I did not mention in my introduction how much I ABSOLUTELY love my House and EDM Music! (EDM stands for Electric Daisy Music) for those who are unfamiliar! It could be because I am a 90’s baby! Everyone has a taste of they’re music! I remember back in the day, every morning, on the morning they would play Sandstorm by Darude, or L’Amour TouJours by Gigi D’Agostino!

I know the name may sound unfamiliar and foreign but I guarantee that if any one you readers were to search them on you-tube, you would definitely recognize them! Those were the good ole’ days of House!! Now the mixes are getting even better and House Dj’s are collaborating with rappers! Some of them sound great! The reason why I love House & EDM music, is how much positiveness it has!

It doesn’t matter if I am feeling sad, or tired, when I listen to House music, it just uplifts my soul! I love the amount of energy in the music! I really do feel like music has a great effect on the brain and when you listen to something positive, It starts you in such a positive bright mood! Even on Mondays I am in such a happy mood only because… I listen to House Music!!

Next time anyone complains about it being a Monday, make your coffee in the morning and put on some House music while driving to work! It will get you motivated and feel more happier! Here I want to write a music playlist of what is on my House music list! My list can go on and on…but I will not be able to create all of my playlist as I have too many!

I just want to get you into HOUSE MUSIC and understand why House music is such an important role in my life! Down below is my playlist! I have subscription with you-tube premium and in my opinion, it is very much worth it! I also payed for no ads and really enjoy listening to my music offline as well with ZERO ads!

I did use to have spotify but every time I had played my spotify list in “shuffle”… It would still play my music in the same shuffle order! Even though the music shuffled, I still knew what track was going to play next so sadly, I had to cancel my spotify account. I love my You-Tube premium, it play shuffle music in different orders , and plays new music I download as well!

I didn’t want to make my blog post too long because I have so much House Music I love! So Here is a screen shot of sneak peaks of my House & EDM Music list! I can go on and on of different House & EDM music artists but if there is someone you love, I would like to know in the blog comments! Let me know who your favorite House Artist is!

If you enjoyed this blog post, please let me know and don’t forget to leave comments!! Thank you!!

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