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Sangria Summer time mix! Read about what ingredients I use to make my sangria!

Hello readers! It has been awhile since I have written a new blog post! Being a Mom, and working part time, I find it challenging to balance when it comes to find time to blog! Summer time is here and the kiddos are out of school! So do you know what that means! Summer cocktails!!!! I loooove a good cocktail mix but when I think cocktail… I like to think of something SWEET! So I want to share with you one my favorite summer cocktails!

I do have to give my sister credit though because I would never thought of adding one ingredient to this mix! ( or two) It tastes very delicious!!! Everyone has made sangria however this has became my favorite summer drink! It is very simple to make at home and a home made sangria is everything! It is definitely not an ordinary sangria that you would order at a restaurant and it tastes twice as good!

Down below is a photo of a sangria mix I made and below I will list the ingredients that I put in my cocktail! I just want to make a note that I DO NOT have any specific measurements when making this drink. Lol. I make it accordingly as to how I like it and just use my judgement of “just right”

I am actually having a drink at the moment and thinking of this new blog topic! You only live once!

Summer time Sangria

Summer Time Sangria Ingredients

  • Red wine ( it could be any red wine you prefer) When it comes to red wine, I love sweet! I would go with manishewitz wine! I also prefer 6% or more when I look at the alcohol percentage
  • fresh fruit of your choice! In this photo, I used strawberry slices, and green grapes cut in half! ( like i said, there is no measurement so you can add as much fruit as you want! I made a one glass serving so I just added the fruit accordingly. I also added a cherry or two just to make it look fancy even though I did not photo the cherry on top! )
  • add cinnamon last, stir and enjoy!!

**Note** I would add orange juice to your sangria as well! Highly recommend with some orange slices!

As you can see in the photo, I did not measure the amount of cinnamon in my drink. I just sprinkled accordingly to how I like it! To mine, I did sprinkle a lot and it taste soooo good! The more, the Merrier! I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post and let me know in the comments what you think!! Thank you !!!

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