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Why I started a Blog

Hello everyone! My name is Faith and I have decided to create a personal lifestyle blog. There are many reasons why I looked into blogging and one of them is because I have a passion for writing. I remember as a child growing up, I would always love to spend my time writing in my journals, or sometimes I would get creative and make my own writing journals. I have been researching on blogging as a career and I have discovered that this is my path of what I really want to do. I am currently a Health Care worker as I have been working as a Certified Home Health provider for about 6 years now. I love my career and I love working with elderly people and being able to help which is why I had been in the field for quite awhile. I work as an Independent Contractor so I pretty much have a very flexible schedule. It works out wonderfully for me as I also have Son of my own so I am not only a Health Care Provider, but I am a Mom and a Wife, and also have two Step Sons. My house is full of boys! I looked into Blogging as a wonderful opportunity to be able to eventually become a full time blogger. My husband and I have goals that we are currently working on. We want to be able to have the financial freedom to travel and do what we really love. At the moment, we are working on building our house and our long term goals is to be able to live debt free and mortgage free. I am also working on a YouTube Vlog. It is a personal lifestyle Vlog so I will pretty much create videos of our lifestyle and talk about lifestyle topics. I am a bit camera shy but I realize in order to grow an audience not just by blogging, but creating video content! I figured a blog site and a Vlog would go hand in hand in. I have been learning though that working with social media you can't be shy! Lol. It is a great way to share who you are as a person and share with the world information. I just wanted to share an insight of the reasons I got into blogging and mainly so I am hoping it will offer me an exciting opportunity to be able to work from home and do more things we love doing! Thank you for reading and thank you for your support! 

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